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The Bankhead Scholar

Richard, aka “Icky”, is a native of Atlanta Georgia. He grew up on the rough side of town called Bankhead. Growing up right across the tracks from the rich opulence of Atlanta’s Downtown Business district. He learned early about the different lives of the have and have nots. Icky was able to see the struggles that his Great Grandmother, Mrs. Emma, went through to raise him. Although he didn’t grow up wealthy, he had a loving home.

There were lots of opportunities to experience the wrong side of life. At an early age, he learned chess. He would play chess with his friends, at some point he discovered the parallels between Chess and life. Indeed some of the strategies that you use to defeat your opponent in chess, can also be applied to life itself.

Years later, as a high school teacher, Richard felt like he could give something extra to his students, a roadmap that will help them make better decisions in life. There are many studies that support the theory that chess can help you make better life decisions.

Richard brought chess into his classroom and in a way, his teaching philosophy.

The idea of “chess makes you smarter” has become slightly more popular.

Richard was hoping to encourage his students to develop their critical thinking skills. That’s when he began to notice the students who were able to recognize hidden patterns, tended to be more successful.

Richard applied the strategies in his chess games but also in his day-to-day life.

So welcome to Bankhead Chess, We hope this helps make you a better chess player, and a better decision-maker off the board!